Surveying & Mapping

NFPS Surveys Everything from Topo to As-Built!

Surveying is one of the first steps to making a road or any building project happen. Surveying lets engineers start at a point of accuracy whether it’s designing a new road in a subdivision, planning the exit ramp for an interstate interchange, or making sure a drainage system can operate correctly to prevent flooding during heavy rains. NFPS is here to help solve problems, not create them.

NFPS now offers in-house surveying to keep projects moving quickly!

Faster Progress! NFPS can help you get your project started without delays by relying on our in-house Surveying Team. Nothing is as frustrating, as deciding to move forward on a project, and then having to wait.

Reliable Results! NFPS Survey Department utilizes the most technologically-advanced equipment and sound QA/QC methods to ensure your data is dependable, accurate, and reliable every time.

Fully Integrated!

Our surveying and engineering departments are fully integrated to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Topographic Surveying: through the utilization of mobile and aerial LiDAR, we are capable of gathering data quickly and accurately for large sites and on roads with ease. For those smaller projects, our use of the latest GPS equipment allows for similar results on a smaller scale.
  • Construction Surveying: state-of- the-art GPS equipment is used to set stakes and hubs quickly and accurately. Leveling assures grading is done right.
  • Reliable Technicians: the best technology is only as useful as the people who run the equipment and interpret the data. Our field and office technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the most out of these technologies.

Request a Survey! Our in-house Survey Department specializes in boundary, topographic, and construction surveying for real property. If you are in need of a survey, click the button below or call our office directly. Our experienced team will work with you to provide the information and expertise you need to complete your project.

Traditional Land Surveying

Traditional Land Surveying

Traditional surveying methods are based on the use of instruments such as tape measures, levels, theodolites, and equipment to measure distances, angles, and elevations. These methods are reliable, accurate, and well-established, but they also have some limitations. They require a lot of fieldwork, manpower, and equipment, which can increase the cost and time of the survey. They also depend on the visibility and accessibility of the survey points, which can be affected by weather, vegetation, obstructions, and hazards. Traditional Land Surveying is suitable for projects that require high accuracy and precision, such as boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction surveys.