Grants & Funding

It’s Out there, NFPS will Help You Secure It!

NFPS is well equipped to help the counties and municipalities we serve by identify funding sources, and assisting in preparing applications to procure grant funds. We have been very successful in helping our clients identify untapped sources and maximizing their grants and other funding resources. Our Grant Team strives to fully understand our client’s needs. We will provide services to help you identify and apply for funding sources; and obtain and manage grants for your engineering projects.

“Don’t leave money on the table to be gobbled up by south Florida.”

Seeking Other Opportunities: NFPS has successfully obtained supplemental funding for many projects, as we understand governmental finances and budgeting; work closely with federal and state funding agencies; and keep local governments informed of every step throughout the grant process.

Don’t leave money on the table to be gobbled up by south Florida. When state and federal grant money is available, and ear-marked for projects in north Florida, it’s just wrong to let it slip away.  North Florida Professional Services can help you apply, and win funding.

Writing & Administration Assistance: Our Grant Team strives to fully understand our client’s needs. Our dedicated team is experienced and detail-oriented. This guarantees a high success rate in obtaining funding sources. We will provide quality professional grant engineering service including developing a comprehensive scope for the project and creating an accurate budget based on that scope. This ensures your project doesn’t have funding shortfalls.

Proven Experience: Our Grants Team is able to provide grant acquisition and administration services for the following grant programs:

  • Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG);
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP);
  • Florida Recreational Development Assistance Program (FRDAP);
  • United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA/RD);
  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT);
  • Florida Wildlife Conservation Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP); and
  • Florida Commerce Funding for Economic Development Projects.
Do you need help securing funding for your agency or municipality? The grant professionals at NFPS can help. Avoid wasted time, disappointment, and frustration. Schedule a free consultation with NFPS today.

Are you a newly elected official looking to better understand the process of funding your community’s needs through grant funding? We’ve got a great free resource.