CR 252 Construction

CR 252

This FDOT SCOP funded project consisted of reclaiming, widening and resurfacing 10.01 miles of existing pavement from SR 51 east on CR 252 to SR 249/US 129. The project also consisted of constructing cross drains with end treatments, grassing all disturbed areas and replacement of all signs within project limits.

NFPS engineers and CEI inspectors were able to provide quality services for this project on time and within budget of this critical access road for major farming industries and residents. Concentrating on citizen input and aesthetics as well as attention to cost, eliminates objections and promotes public acceptance of major projects like CR 252.


NFPS staff assisted Suwannee County in securing a supplemental agreement, adding nearly $2 million dollars in additional funding to the project. This funding extended the County Road 252 Reclamation Project from the original US 129 to CR 349 limits to include an additional 5 miles to conclude at SR 51. It also allowed for the paving of two additional residential side roads which provided an added benefit to this rural farming community.

Client Reference

Suwannee County BOCC
13150 80th Terrace
Live Oak, FL 32060

Debbie Vickers

Project Manager

James H. Pitman, PE