Florida Gateway College Training Facility

Florida Gateway College Training Facility

NFPS provided professional engineering services to Florida Gateway College to expand its Olustee Public Safety Training Center in 2017 to include a Fire Fighter training center. This training center now includes a three-story fire training structure and numerous fire training props. These include a vehicle simulator and dumpster, grill, flange, and propane tank props.

This project included developing site plans to construct a Fire Training Tower. The work included developing construction plans to add a Fire Tower at the FCG Olustee Training Facility. The major activities were road design, concrete slab design, plans, and calculations for obtaining a Suwannee River Water Management District permit, stormwater system design, coordinating geotechnical borings, coordinating water supply, working with FGC’s Construction Manager, and making plan changes during construction activities.

Client Reference

Florida Gateway College
149 SE College Place
Lake City, FL 32025

John Jewett, Executive Director, Technology Programs and Public Service Programs

Project Type

Site Planning

Project Manager

James H. Pitman, PE